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Hello everyone,

I am Prof. Dr. Teksen Çamlıbel, director of Opal Clinic Istanbul.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. After graduating from medical school, I went to the United States, won a scholarship and worked as an assistant professor at the University of Albany in New York. I spent 10 years in America and returned to my hometown in Turkey.

In Istanbul, I headed the Obstetrics and Gynecology departments at Marmara University, International Hospital, Florence Nightingale Hospital and Kadir Has University, and then I founded my own medical center and hospital, Kalamış Medical Center and Jinemed Hospital.

I’m a gynecologist. I have previously established many IVF centers in universities and hospitals and helped establish IVF centers in Kosovo, Azerbaijan, Northern Iraq, Sarajevo and 2 cities in Turkey. My team and I established the first IVF Center in Istanbul in 1990.

Then you may ask what is the relationship between gynecology and hair transplantation? In IVF, we insert a single sperm into a single egg under a microscope. We create embryos and then help a couple to have a child. This, like hair transplantation, is a very regular job. We do both really well. With the development of the DHI system, we take hair follicles and place them in other parts of the scalp with small needles. We are also working on hair treatment and stem cells by establishing a state-of-the-art laboratory.

As you know, stem cell therapy, PRP (platelet rich plasma) and other growth factors are widely used in IVF. Therefore, it is very easy for our team to use these techniques in hair transplant patients.

We make our own stem cells and PRP in our related laboratory, and we also produce special hair care products. We also undertake stem cell therapy, PRP and other treatments for medical aesthetic purposes in our own clinic with our own team.

As a professor and therefore as a scientist, I make sure that what we do is of a very high standard and scientifically sound. My co-director Dr. Melike is also a pioneer of hair transplantation technology in Turkey and success with her is at the highest level.

At Opal Clinic, we do not only perform hair transplantation; we provide hair care and prevention of hair loss in the first place. Hair transplantation is a last resort. Therefore, when you work with Opal Clinic, you will also feel that hair transplantation is the last step of the hair care process. First and foremost, we like to check your hair very carefully and see if we can treat your hair loss. You may not need a hair transplant. If we believe that hair loss cannot be prevented with medical treatment, then we recommend hair transplantation. While there are hundreds of clinics in the world and in Turkey that only deal with hair transplantation without pre and post-treatment evaluation, as Opal Clinic, we attach great importance to this issue.

At Opal Clinic, we also provide medical aesthetic care. From bonTA to stem cell therapy, from skin rejuvenation to genital aesthetics with high scientific supervision, we use current lasers, RFs, ozones, etc. we get excellent results using tools. Our aim in aesthetic procedures and treatments is not to make unnecessary – costly interventions, but primarily to discuss with you about long-term and easy-to-apply alternative treatments.

I am the owner and manager of Opal Clinic, as well as the chairman of the board of directors of Ota Jinemed Hospital, where we also perform all kinds of plastic surgeries. Our aesthetic-plastic surgery team can perform all kinds of applications from rhinoplasty to liposuction, from vaser therapies to genital aesthetics.

I and my team would love to see you in this historical and sacred city of Istanbul for your hair care and medical aesthetic procedures.

At Opal Clinic Istanbul, you can be assured of loving care and superior results.

Have a nice day.


Prof. Dr. Teksen Çamlıbel