Alexandrite Cynosure Elite+ Laser

A perennial aesthetic problem for both men and women is the presence of body and facial hair. Although we have tried many different methods to overcome this challenge, solutions such as hair removal creams, waxing and razors usually offer only short-term results. We see that these methods carry the risk of deepening the problem in the long term and causing skin problems. Developed to overcome these challenges, Cynosure Elite+ offers healthy and permanent results, targeting hair at the stem cell level and providing superiority over other methods. This laser hair removal technology, which focuses on the melanin pigment, damages the stem cells that produce the hair by making the melanin absorb the laser light. For this reason, darker hairs with more intense melanin help you get more effective and faster results in hair removal treatments.

The Cynosure Elite Plus Laser is a dual-function laser device with both Alexandrite and Nd:YAG wavelengths. While effective results are obtained by using Alexandrite wavelength to get rid of unwanted hair, it becomes possible to treat epidermal pigmented lesions within 0.5 ms. At the same time, the 1064 nm Nd:YAG wavelength offers successful hair removal results, especially on dark and tanned skin.

This laser hair removal system provides permanent and effective results, but also offers additional benefits:

Treatment of vascular lesions on the face and legs,

Skin resurfacing procedures,

Treatment of benign epidermal pigment lesions,

Treatment of age spots, sun spots and freckles (using 0.5 ms),

Wrinkle treatment.

The Cynosure Elite Plus Laser is available in different spot sizes and offers solutions for individual needs. Thanks to this feature, various treatments can be applied in the same session. The large diameter head provides fast and deep penetration, enabling fast applications. In addition, the ability to switch between two different wavelengths at the touch of a button provides an effective laser hair removal experience.

Advantages of Cynosure Elite Plus Laser:

With longer pulse durations of up to 300 ms, more hair follicles can be destroyed.

It offers solutions for different skin and hair types by combining Alexandrite and Nd:YAG wavelengths.

Permanent results are achieved thanks to high melanin absorption.

The pulse width down to 0.5 ms with Alexandrite wavelength enables effective treatment of pigment lesions.

The 1064 nm Nd:YAG wavelength offers effective hair removal results on dark and tanned skin and can be used for vascular lesion treatment.

Different spot sizes and an adjustable pulse width of up to 300 ms allow treatment tailored to the specific needs of each patient.

Thanks to the Zimmer Cryo6 air cooling system, laser hair removal procedures are made less painful and more comfortable.

How many sessions are required?

Hair structure and density differ in each individual and gender and hormonal factors also affect the number of sessions. Although it is difficult to specify an exact number of sessions to achieve results, it has been observed that 4-6 sessions are usually sufficient. Sessions are scheduled monthly for the face area and every 6-8 weeks for body areas. Generally, at least 4 sessions are recommended on average.