Andubalance Method Body Balancing and Treatment Technique

The Andubalance method is a treatment approach developed specifically to alleviate or relieve symptoms caused by water retention. This next-generation treatment is based on biophysical principles and works by combining mechanical oscillation and deep infrared heat.

The Andubalance method combines the effects of creating mechanical vibrations in the body and infrared deep heat to stimulate the venous and lymphatic systems. These mechanical vibrations increase the excretion of fluid from the tissues to the outside of the body. It especially helps to solve and prevent problems related to water retention in the body.

Who is the Andubalance Method Suitable for?

The Andubalance method is preferred among people who want to achieve rapid recovery in situations that require intense physical activity. For example, athletes and employees with intense work dynamics may prefer Andubalance treatment.

In addition, individuals who struggle with chronic pain and aim to get rid of these pains can also benefit from Andubalance treatment. This method is also used to reduce stress, relax and reduce the signs of aging by stimulating the production of endorphins and collagen.

Benefits of the Andubalance Method

The Andubalance method has the ability to treat many complaints caused by health problems. It also speeds up metabolism and helps the body absorb important nutrients more effectively.

The vibrations created during this treatment cause collagen fibers to be affected and create microcurrents. These microcurrents support the energy production of cells by increasing cell metabolism. As a result, cell regeneration processes are positively influenced.

In pain management, the Andubalance method increases the release of endorphins, resulting in pain relief. It also supports the reduction of visceral fat, balancing the satiety hormone leptin and solving weight problems. This treatment improves sleep quality, accelerates metabolism and prevents body fat accumulation.

It facilitates the removal of metabolic wastes from the body by activating lymph flow. Increased metabolism reduces edema in the legs, eliminates digestive system problems and contributes to the weight loss process. This method reduces pain by stopping wear and inflammation in the joints and reduces stress by increasing the release of serotonin in the body.