Anti-Aging Applications


Fractional laser application is a medical treatment that allows the skin to regain the collagen structure lost over time and quality of life. The treatment takes between one and three sessions. In addition to the collagen structure, it is also very effective in removing blemishes and fine lines on the skin. The application area can be applied very easily on the face, neck, décolleté and hands. The application takes an average of half an hour. The longer the application area, the longer the duration. Sessions can be done at intervals of two to four weeks with the advice of a doctor.

Sea, Turkish bath, sauna and solarium should not be used before and after the application.

If skin renewal procedures such as peeling have been performed, the doctor should be informed.

Blood thinners, green tea and caffeinated foods should be avoided.

Medical treatment and Retinoid, which are among the drugs used especially in acne treatments, should not be used.

Please share information if you have seen herpes before.

After the application, pinkness and then peeling will be seen on the skin. In an average of two weeks, the skin will recover and collagen production and the formation of the upper new layer will show itself.


High protective cream recommended by a doctor should be used,

After application, the skin should be protected from sun and fluorescent light,

You should not shower on the first day, then you can take a warm shower, but the skin should not be irritated,

Makeup etc. products should not be used on the skin for the first week.


Facial mesotherapy is the process of re-injecting under the skin the mineral, vitamin and collagen supplements that the skin needs and that begin to diminish over time. Since it can be applied to the lower layer of the skin, it shows its effect from the first session and if it is repeated at regular intervals, the skin collagen structure is preserved for a long time. It takes place between 2-4 sessions by a specialist doctor. Skin mesotherapy, which can be easily applied to any area needed on the skin, is generally applied on the face, neck, décolleté and hands. In the first session, skin brightness and vitality in the first session, as the sessions continue, skin elasticity and strengthening in the collagen structure provide the opening of fine lines. Blood thinning derivatives (caffeinated beverage

aspirin and alcohol) should be stopped three to seven days in advance in consultation with a doctor.

Before the skin mesotherapy procedure, the skin is cleaned and numbed with anesthetic cream.

The application takes an average of half an hour and may take longer depending on the size of the application area.


Ten cc of blood is taken from the person and subjected to a separation process of about ten minutes with a device called centrifuge. White blood cells are added to the platelets enriched with growth factors and centrifuged again. The enriched stem cells obtained are injected into the areas needed on the skin with very small needles.

PRP application can be done regularly for lightening skin blemishes, strengthening the collagen structure, opening fine lines, crack treatments and hair loss.

PRP treatment can be easily applied on the face, neck, décolleté, top of the hand, in the revitalization and reproduction of the hairy areas and in areas that support the treatment of stretch marks.

Although PRP treatment is performed at two-week intervals, it can continue once a month. Sessions vary according to the need of the application area and the rate of improvement.


Anesthetic cream is applied to the skin before Vampire Face Lift application. The skin is then moisturized with hyloronic acid application. Ten cc of the person’s own blood is then taken. The platelet-enriched cells are separated. This application, which is made in combination with bone tissue and soft tissue, is very effective in anti-aging / skin rejuvenation in all damaged areas of the skin.

It can be repeated once a month and contains no additives. The application can be easily applied as a supportive application in areas such as face, neck, décolleté, upper hand.


Salmon DNA vaccine is a treatment procedure that strengthens the collagen structure of the skin and is obtained from the sperm of salmon fish and strengthens the collagen structure of the skin in all areas of the skin that have been damaged (sun, solarium, etc.) and begin to show signs of aging. Salmon DNA is very similar to human DNA and is very effective in stimulating collagen structure. Anesthetic cream is applied to the skin before the procedure, which takes forty minutes in total, and then the Salmon DNA vaccine is administered under the skin by the doctor. The procedure, which is performed with very small needles, can be easily applied as a supportive treatment in areas such as the face, neck, décolleté, upper hand. The four-session procedure is performed in three or four sessions and restores the lost moisture, shine and collagen structure of the skin.


The Paris Glow is a treatment that ensures the vitality of the skin and can be applied to everyone, men and women. The procedure can be applied to anyone with fine lines on the skin and prominent pores. Skin analysis is performed before the application. The application is applied in five sessions and the first three sessions are two weeks apart and the fourth and fifth sessions are done once a month. The last session is a preventive treatment to increase the duration of the treatment. The application is done with very thin injectors and can be easily applied to the face, under the eyes, neck, upper hand and décolleté areas that the skin needs. Skin brightening is visible from the first session, but as the sessions continue, fine lines begin to recover and color tone differences are eliminated. The application can also be repeated in terms of maintenance at any time. It contains hyloronic acid and vitamin and mineral supplements that the body needs and normally has. In this application, these natural needs that have decreased in the skin structure are restored.


Ozone therapy allows pure oxygen and pure ozone to be re-injected with a certain amount of blood taken from the body. In this way, it is very effective in eliminating the immune system and physical fatigue. Since it accelerates the metabolism in the working principle of the body, it is sometimes used as a support in slimming systems.

Patients with severe anemia (anemia) and some hereditary diseases related to blood (bleeding coagulation diseases) should not be treated.


Glutathione therapy is the best antioxidant loading procedure for weakening or strengthening the immune system. The implementation takes place in three stages. These are;

Intravenous vitamin c supplementation

Intravenous glutathione supplementation

Alpha lipoic acid loading

Vitamin C application can be done within an average of forty minutes and glutathione within ten minutes. It can be applied on the same day or one day apart. The treatment, which will be applied for an average of six sessions, is realized as one or two sessions per week depending on the preference of the person and the doctor.

The application is not suitable for people undergoing cancer treatment, nursing mothers, young children and pregnant women.