How to Achieve the Best Hair Transplant Results?

Hair transplantation methods, which can offer a permanent and most effective solution to the aesthetic concerns of men and women who suffer from hair loss and baldness, increase the comfort of life with the effects they cause. In order to be satisfied with the results of hair transplantation, many variables need to be considered. At […]

How to Recognize Failure of Transplanted Hair?

Hair transplantation is one of the most popular treatments of recent years. Although it is identified with men, women can also experience the advantages of these treatments thanks to the developing hair transplantation techniques. After individualized analysis, variables such as the area to be transplanted, donor area, treatment technique and the number of grafts to […]

What to Do to Reduce the Effect of Botox?

Botox blocks the release of substances that provide conduction at the nerve endings, temporarily blocking this transmission from the nerve to the target organ. As a result, the function of the target organ is either reduced or completely temporarily lost. This means that muscle contraction is prevented in the area where Botox is applied and […]

What is Botulinum Toxin? How to Apply?

Botox is the procedure most often performed by those who want to catch the glow of youth or regain the skin of a few years ago. It is also known as “Botulinum Toxin”. So what is Botulinum toxin? It is a protein substance produced by a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum. Thanks to this substance, the […]

Things Not to Do After Botox

What should not be done before botox is as important as what should not be done after botox. If you are thinking of having Botox and wondering what not to do after Botox, this article will give you detailed information both before and after. But before we start the subject, let’s examine together in which […]

Does Botox Cause Headaches? Headache After Botox

Botox, known as a powerful toxin, is derived from a bacterium called “Clostridium botulinum”. Although it is primarily performed aesthetically, it is actually applied in many medical fields. Botox, which is frequently used in areas such as wrinkles and excessive sweating, is also used in migraine treatments. Some patients have reported that Botox causes headaches […]

The Best Botox Brand: Things to Consider

Botox (botulinum toxin) has the ability to weaken or paralyze muscles. Botox, which is among the types of medicines, is a protein obtained from botulinum toxin produced by Clostridium botulinum bacteria. It is possible to get good results when using the best botox brand. Botox is preferred to eliminate wrinkles on the skin as well […]

What is Botox Effective Cream?

Botox effective cream is a botox effective cream used to prevent wrinkles caused by the loss of elasticity of the skin due to aging. Botox is essentially a surgical operation. People who do not want to have this operation, which usually involves different risks, resort to creams that have features such as preventing wrinkles and […]

What are the Differences Between FUE and DHI Hair Transplantation?

The difference between FUE hair transplantation and DHI has long been one of the issues that people who want to have a hair transplant are curious about at the point of decision-making. Normally, the FUE technique is a very well-known hair transplantation technique. However, DHI hair transplantation method is among the new generation methods. It […]

Recovery Process After Hair Transplant

The healing process of hair transplantation varies according to the physical characteristics of the person and the application method. Since hair transplantation is a long-term procedure applied depending on different procedures, it may take time for the patient to return to daily functions. Before having a hair transplant, let’s examine detailed and comprehensive information about […]