Check-up Programs

Personalized Programs

We perform personalized health checks and screenings using the latest technologies to identify any short- or long-term health issues that may affect your quality of life.

The STANDARD PROGRAM includes a review of your metabolic profile as well as an assessment of your kidney, liver and thyroid function. Once the results are back, we will roadmap with you to discuss any lifestyle changes you can implement to get your health back on track.

If you need a more in-depth analysis, we also run different Checkup programs to look for early warning cancer markers, or to assess your hormone levels or do a fitness screening.

The PREMIUM PROGRAM is the most comprehensive check-up and screening assessment available to you and is only recommended if you have serious concerns.

How do we do it?

Your metabolic profile is examined and your kidney, liver and thyroid function is assessed.

Once the results are achieved, lifestyle changes are tailored to you in order to get your health back on track.

In case more detailed analysis is needed;
looking for early warning cancer markers,
evaluate your hormone levels,
for fitness screening
different Checkup programs can also be applied.

The food you eat, the exercise you do, the choices you make about smoking or excessive alcohol consumption make up your behavioral choices.

We apply a holistic approach that includes vitamins and macronutrients, potential dietary supplementation, detoxification programs.

With the understanding that Prevention is Better than Cure, we help with early diagnosis screenings in the most accurate way.


It is an analysis method that we apply in just 1.5 minutes without you even having to get up from your seat during the doctor’s appointment.

It is an analysis system that utilizes the functions of body fluids in the human body and works with the biocybernetic analysis technique based on the bioenergetic and biochemical profile of the person. In this way, it provides very detailed results about the person’s state of health at the time of the test.

Bioscan collects information from an individual’s body via an electrode in about 1.5 minutes; it measures more than 250 parameters compiled under 31 different main headings:

– Gastrointestinal indices

– Cardio and Cerebrovascular indices

– Digestive system function

– Liver function

– Large Intestine

– Gallbladder function

– Pancreas Function

– Kidney function

– Lung function

– Function of brain nerves

– Bone diseases

– Bone mineral density

– Rheumatic Bone Diseases

– Bone growth index

– Blood sugar

– Elements and minerals

– Vitamin

– Amino acids

– Coenzymes

– Endocrine System

– Immune system

– Homotoxins

– Heavy metals

– General body condition

– Allergy

– Adiposity/Obesity

– Skin

– Eye

– Collagen

– Prostate

– Gynecology

– Male sexual system

– Breast (female)