Chin Filling

Filling Applications

How is Chin Augmentation Performed and How Many Sessions Are Required?

Chin filling can be performed to improve the skin quality of the person, as well as anyone who has asymmetry problems in the bone structure (congenital, post-accident or bone structure changes with advancing age).

With chin filling, the bone structure can be brought forward in accordance with the facial line that is behind, the narrow chin structure can appear appropriately wide, and pointed or rounded chin structures can also be shaped.

Since a single filling will be insufficient in the first session of chin filling, two or three doses (2-3 ml) should be applied according to the needs of the person. This can be said on examination based purely on facial features.

Things to Consider After Chin Augmentation

There may be slight edema in the application area on the first day after the application. The pinkness that occurs after the application improves within an average of two hours.

You can take a shower with warm water 24 hours after application.

Massage etc. should not be applied to the application area after the application.

You should not sleep on the area on the first day.

Drinking plenty of water will help.

The person should also avoid steam, extremely hot water, the sea and hot activities such as spas, saunas and hammams for ten days.

Make-up and acidic products should not be used on the first day after application.