Eyebrow Lift / Eyebrow Lift

Non-Surgical Face Lift Procedures

Eyebrow lift application can be performed surgically as well as non-surgically very easily. Eyebrow lifting without general anesthesia is very comfortable with the appropriate types of threads.

Since the eyebrow lift is a procedure performed through the hairy area, there is no scar and incision scar on the face. Although there may be mild edema for the first few days, the person can easily return to normal life.

It is important not to make big gestures on the face after the application.

The eyebrows, which appear more intense stretching in the first stage after the eyebrow lift, take their actual final shape in two to three days as the threads sit on the face.

After the brow lift procedure, if the eyelid is not too intensely low, the eyelids can also lift to a certain extent. In this way, the person can easily get rid of the tired appearance of the face without surgery.

The application can be completed within half an hour.

Depending on the type of rope to be used, the lasting effect varies between two and five years.

The application can be repeated at any time.