Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrows are one of the most important elements for an aesthetic appearance and facial characteristics. Therefore, the eyebrows should be in harmony with the other elements of the face. Especially since women have their eyebrows plucked continuously and regularly, loss of volume and thickness may occur over time. In such cases, the old volume and thickness of the eyebrows can be restored by transplantation.

What is Eyebrow Transplant?

A more aesthetically pleasing and natural appearance can be achieved by eyebrow transplantation in the area where there are eyebrows that are eyebrowless or sparse due to any reason. During the application, it should not be ignored that the inner part of the eyebrow should be planted upwards, the outer part slightly directed to the left and right, and the middle part parallel. It should also be noted that the eyebrows protrude at angles of 10 to 15 degrees. Otherwise, a natural look cannot be achieved.

How is eyebrow transplantation applied?

For the procedure performed under local anesthesia, the donor area is shaved to 1 mm and sterilized. The hair follicles are then harvested with micro-motors using the finest – smallest punches. Care should be taken to use single hair follicles, as the use of multiple grafts can make the appearance unnatural. Transplantation should be performed at the appropriate angle and direction in the eyebrow design area.

Does Eyebrow Transplant Help Shape?

The desired shape can be given to the eyebrow by determining the desired eyebrow shape and applying accordingly. Optionally, the pointed end of the eyebrows can be made blunt, the head can be thickened or the curved eyebrow can be shaped straight.

Things to Consider After Eyebrow Transplant

Temporary redness and crusting may occur in the area after eyebrow transplantation . It is very important not to pick the scabs and wait for them to fall off on their own. The area should not be exposed to water for 24 hours following the application and should be protected against impact.

When Do Eyebrows Grow After Eyebrow Transplant?

Eyebrows start to grow about 3 months after the application and usually take their final shape after 7 to 8 months. The shock shedding process, which usually occurs 15 days after the procedure, continues for up to 3 months.

How Much Are Eyebrow Transplant Prices?

The price of the application may vary according to the scope of the procedure to be performed individually. To determine the price, the patient is examined, the method of transplantation and the number of grafts needed are determined.