Face and Body Mesotherapy

Facial Mesotherapy - Body Mesotherapy

In face and body mesotherapy, it is aimed to treat the areas that face the consequences such as spots, pores, dry skin, stretch marks caused by weight gain and loss, cellulite, color inequality, loss of elasticity as an inevitable result of estrogen, along with conditions such as age, chemicals and sun exposure.

What are the Advantages?

With the advancement of age, the decreasing collagen tissue in the skin leads to sagging and wrinkles. The main goal of mesotherapy is to repair collagen tissue with microinjections. Facial mesotherapy is a highly effective method that provides skin renewal that has been used frequently in recent years.

It is very useful in correcting the negative appearance in the process leading to aging. After a mesotherapy applied to the face, skin regeneration, brightness, healthy glow, fullness, recovery in elasticity will be visibly noticeable.

Facial Mesotherapy

Since facial mesotherapy aims to replace the natural and needed substances of the skin, and since it is applied in very small amounts, the system is not mixed into the circulation and the possibility of side effects is low.

Facial mesotherapy restores the skin’s lost moisture and increases the natural collagen and elastane content.

Body Mesotherapy

Depending on the problem of the skin, substances such as minerals, vitamins, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, anti-oxidants are introduced into the skin to regenerate the skin.

Cellulite occurs with the synergistic effect of estrogen due to circulatory disorders in the skin. Again, mesotherapy is used to remove the annoying cellulite appearance.

The fluids injected against cellulite and adiposity problems increase local blood circulation in the area where it is applied, regulate lymph circulation, dissolve fats, dissolve hardened connective tissues and help eliminate cellulite.

Following the application of mesotherapy, healthy nutrition and regular exercise prevent cellulite formation again.