HArmonyCA C/C+ Treatment is a method containing calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) and hyaluronic acid (HA). This treatment provides an immediate and long-lasting lifting and facelift effect. It also activates collagen production, restoring the skin’s lost elasticity.

HArmonyCA stands out among anti-aging methods. It is easy and fast to apply, the results are immediately visible and the effect lasts for a long time.

What is HArmonyCA Filler?

HArmonyCA is one of the newest products in the Juvederm® filler range developed by Allergan, a world-renowned brand. This filler is a dual-action dermal filler that combines hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite. Hyaluronic acid (HA) provides an immediate lifting effect, while calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) supports long-term lifting through collagen synthesis. This unique composition helps to remodel the skin, giving it a fresh and youthful appearance. HArmonyCA contains lidocaine, which has a local anesthetic effect. This increases the comfort of patients during the application.

HArmonyCA Implementation Process

HArmonyCA Filler is applied to the jowl, lower jaw corner and mandibular ramus areas, which are the back and upper part of the lower jawbone, from 3 injection points. Here are the regions where it has an impact:

Zigoma: It is known as the cheek or cheekbone. It clarifies the structure of the face.

Refers to the area in front of the ears.

Jaw Line
The line along the lower jaw provides a youthful appearance.

The area under the cheeks.

HArmonyCA Filler is injected by specialists into the deep dermal and/or subdermal layers of the skin. Calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) crystals trigger collagen production, while hyaluronic acid (HA) offers an immediate lifting effect. While the lifting effect is seen immediately, the formation of new collagen fibers begins in about 1 week.

Who Can HArmonyCA Filler Be Applied To?

HArmonyCA is effective for wrinkles and sagging on the sides of the face. Suitable for those who experience moderate volume loss, loss of elasticity and collagen depletion. It can be combined with Juvederm treatment for those with severe volume loss. It is also suitable for those who suffer from wrinkles in the pre-auricular area. It also alleviates sagging problems by lifting and stretching the face.