Face Slimming Botox

Masseter botox is a procedure performed for teeth clenching or aesthetic purposes and is usually applied to people who grind their teeth at night or excessively clench their teeth. When examined in terms of health, there are some effects of teeth clenching. Some of these include headaches, neck stiffness and neck tension.

What is Facial Thinning (Masseter) Botox?

The process of obtaining a more feminine appearance by reducing the wide jaw line is called facial thinning botox.

How Permanent Is Facial Thinning Botox?

This application, which is a reliable and fast procedure, requires continuity. Although its lifespan varies from person to person, it is between 6-12 months on average. After this time, the procedure must be repeated.

What are the Side Effects of Facial Thinning Botox?

There are no known side effects. However, small bruises may rarely occur after the procedure.