Felixir (For Women)

Non-Surgical Hair Treatment

FELIXIR / FE GROWTH is a 6-month treatment process applied to our female patients who have not lost their hair but have signs of thinning hair, decreased hair quality and negatively affected hair health in order to revitalize our lifeless hair and strengthen our hair follicles.

With FELIXIR treatment, your hair and scalp, which are examined and analyzed by our doctors, are allowed to breathe and the effects of wear and tear are eliminated, allowing the hair to regain its former vitality and shine. Hair follicles become stronger. The effect is felt on the hair for a long time.

How do we do it?

FELIXIR treatment method is a procedure to stop hair loss, improve the quality of existing hair and activate hair growth by stimulating cell metabolism in the desired area.

It is passed by activating the platelets, which are the person’s own blood cells, turning them into a dense liquid and injecting them into the hair follicles.

The process is supported by multivitamins and a laser comb, injecting the skin with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, capillary circulation accelerators and organic materials that nourish the epithelial tissue, as well as rich liquids used to rejuvenate the skin.

This process is followed by your doctor and is also supported by laser comb treatment.

Our Holistic Approach

Thanks to the renewed epithelial tissue, hair follicles that are worn out and weakened are miraculously treated.

Young girls who are on a diet can have unhealthy hair due to vitamin deficiency, and women who give birth can also easily apply the FELIXIR method against hair thinning.