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Forgetfulness is a common complaint among adults. As we age, we experience physiological changes. It takes longer to learn and recall information.

Factors such as stress, anxiety, environmental factors, deficiencies in the body can cause your brain to lose some of its best functions. The most common problem is Brain Fog, which we often describe as fatigue, confusion, forgetfulness, poor memory and difficulty concentrating.

Maintaining the health, fitness and optimal functioning of your brain is essential to continue to perform the many complex activities of human life at its most advanced.

How do we do it?

Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that transmit messages between nerve cells in your body. They are produced by the conversion of amino acids in the presence of essential vitamins and minerals such as B vitamins and magnesium.

The first thing to do is to have the levels of all possible substances checked to understand the real underlying cause. Undoubtedly, the easiest diagnostic method here is a safe, easy and inexpensive method such as BIOSCAN.

Symptoms of Brain Fog

  • Sleep problems, insomnia
  • Headache
  • Low energy or fatigue
  • Impaired cognitive function
  • Mood swings
  • Irritability
  • Forgetfulness
  • Concentration problem
  • Low motivation, lack of ideas
  • Excessive absences
  • Mildly depressed