Fresh Cell

Non-Surgical Hair Treatments

Fresh cell application is a non-surgical treatment method.

With this method, the area to be transplanted is renewed with fresh stem cells and the hair has a healthier and higher quality structure. In this method, a solution rich in mesenchymal-derived stem cells is obtained from the adipose tissue prepared by micro fat injection from the patient’s adipose tissue. Stem cell-rich fresh cell solution is used to improve skin quality and create more successful hair transplant results in suitable patients who desire tissue regeneration and rejuvenation.

Efficiency of Fresh Cell Management

Fresh cell application applied before hair transplantation increases the success rate of hair transplantation and since the skin becomes rich in connective tissue after the treatment, the balding skin accepts hair follicles more easily.

In hair transplantation procedures performed with fresh cells, the result that the person will receive is more lush and healthy compared to known hair transplantation procedures.

Who Can It Be Done For?

  • To stop hair loss and improve the quality of existing hair in people whose hair loss has just started and who do not need hair transplantation
  • For those who experience hair thinning due to aging or other factors
  • For people with receding hairline and hair loss
  • For people who have experienced hair loss for a long time, have a large balding skin area and thinning hair tissue
  • It can be used for those with female pattern hair loss.