The method known as G5 massage aims to burn fat in areas of regional fat accumulation through special devices. Rhythmic and vibrating massagers can be applied to various parts of the body.

G5 massage is a painless and uncomfortable method without side effects. It is a popular option among regional weight loss methods, especially as it is effective in treating cellulite and providing regional thinning.

It offers an effective solution especially for many women with cellulite problems. With G5 devices, regional slimming is achieved by massaging the areas with fat accumulation with special herbal oils.

This comfortable and beneficial method offers visible results. In addition to improving the appearance, it also has positive health effects. G5 massage improves blood circulation, relieves muscle aches and pains and thus helps to promote health.

How is the G5 Massage Method Applied?

G5 Massage, which is a more effective and easy-to-apply method than traditional hand massages, helps to reduce physical stress, accelerate regional blood circulation, improve skin elasticity, eliminate edema and accelerate metabolism. Acceleration of metabolism facilitates the weight loss process by increasing fat burning. It is preferred by expert aesthetic specialists, especially against the appearance and sagging problems in the hips, legs and buttocks.

Is it Effective in Cellulite Treatment?

The search for a solution to the problem of cellulite, one of the most stubborn areas, is a common situation. Paying attention to nutrition and doing sports are important steps against this problem. But getting rid of cellulite can take a long time. G5 massage provides regional slimming by shortening the process of getting rid of cellulite.

How is the Duration and Number of Sessions Determined?

The anti-cellulite G5 massage is usually applied by specialists in sessions lasting an average of 30 minutes. However, the number of sessions, which may vary from person to person, is generally recommended between 8-12 sessions. The effects of the treatment are usually noticeable after the first 5 sessions.

Although G5 massage can be applied to everyone, there are some exceptions. It may not be suitable for pregnant women, people who have recently given birth, people who have recently undergone surgery, people with menstrual periods, people with epilepsy and people with varicose veins. It can be applied in varicose areas.