Hair Filler - Hair PRP - Hair Mesotherapy

Non-Surgical Hair Solutions

Our hair is one of the most important factors of a positive image for men and women. Genetic factors, chemicals used, stress, irregular nutrition, hormone disorders and various diseases cause hair loss.

Methods such as Hair Mesotherapy, Hair PRP, Hair Filling ensure the restructuring of the scalp, stop hair loss and lead to better quality hair growth.

Hair filling is a new form of treatment.

What are the Ingredients of Hair Fillers, PRP and Mesotherapy Products?

Ingredients of hair fillers: The hair filler contains an effective mixture of acids, growth factors and stem cells.

Hair PRP content: Hair PRP is the separation of the person’s own blood with a platelet-concentrating agent and utilizes the restorative and healing properties of platelets.

Mesotherapy content: The hair mesotherapy product contains vitamins and minerals to support hair follicles.

Our Holistic Approach

How are Hair Filling, PRP and Mesotherapy Applications Performed?

Hair Filling, PRP and Mesotherapy applications are applied with microinjection or dermapen, alone or together, for 4-6 sessions every 15 days according to the needs of the person. The person can return to his/her daily life after the procedure.

What are the Effects of Hair Filling, PRP and Mesotherapy After Application?

It improves the quality of the scalp and therefore the hair follicles, hair loss stops, and a volumetric increase is observed as the hair that grows will be of better quality.

Hair Filling, PRP and Mesotherapy Applications

What are the prices?

Due to the technique used, the operation fee varies for each individual. You can contact our experts by phone or by calling +90 542 144 42 47
You can have a free preliminary meeting.