Hair transplantation methods, which can offer a permanent and most effective solution to the aesthetic concerns of men and women who suffer from hair loss and baldness, increase the comfort of life with the effects they cause. In order to be satisfied with the results of hair transplantation, many variables need to be considered. At this point, the correct planning of hair transplantation is as important as the experience of the specialists performing the hair transplantation process. In addition to all these, the patients’ compliance with the post-operative period is also of decisive importance on the results of hair transplantation. In this article, you can find information about the indispensable requirements that have a positive effect on hair transplantation results.

Correct Graft Collection Method and Angle

Hair transplantation is based on the transplantation of grafts, which are collected from the donor area and contain healthy hair follicles, to the balding area with different methods in line with the technique. It is extremely important to harvest the grafts with the correct technique and to remove the grafts at the correct angle. The main thing to be considered is not only to harvest the grafts, but also to harvest them with the right method, in the right way and at the right angle. At the same time, preservation of the collected grafts under ideal conditions in the pre-transplantation process has a similar effect. The survival of grafts harvested at the wrong angle, harvested with the wrong technique may become difficult, and the maximum retention rates may decrease after transplantation. Similarly, even if the correct graft collection method and angle are determined, the viability of the collected grafts will be damaged if they are not stored correctly. All these variables have a significant impact on hair transplant results.


Natural Hair Transplant Angle

Another factor that has an impact on the results of hair transplantation is meeting the expectation of naturalness. In order to achieve natural hair transplant results, the grafts collected correctly may need to be transplanted at the right angle. The natural hair transplantation angle may require a transplantation planning of approximately 40 – 45 degrees. In addition to the angle, planting density is also an important variable to consider at this point.


Attention to Post Operative Period

When it comes to the results of hair transplantation, patients’ compliance with the post-operative period is also important. Patients are not recommended to smoke or drink alcohol for at least 7 days. These habits can increase bleeding, delay wound healing and increase the risk of infection. During the healing process, it is necessary to interrupt the use of blood thinners with the recommendations of physicians, avoid saunas, protect the transplantation area from the sun for 3 months, avoid solarium for three months, and avoid heavy tempo exercises that will increase the risk of bleeding. It is also important that patients maintain hygiene of the suture site as recommended and avoid contact with the area.

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