Jawline Chin Filler

Non-Surgical Aesthetic Procedures

Jawline filling is a filling method applied along the two mandibular bone extensions extending from the tip of the jaw to the front of the ear.

It is aimed to further emphasize the line on both sides of the facial area from the corner of the chin to the tip of the chin. With the filling to be applied to the jaw line and chin tips, it is aimed to obtain a more sharp-lined, attractive and aesthetic appearance of the facial area.

For men, it is aimed to achieve a masculine appearance by widening the chin tip and a slimmer form for women.

How do we do it?

Injection techniques are used in chin filling procedures. Cannula or needle is preferred according to the technique or need.

The application time of the chin filler takes approximately fifteen to twenty minutes per session.

A suitable treatment plan is determined according to the facial structure of the people who apply to the clinic with a request for chin filling. A distinct jawline can be achieved, structural features can be clearly defined, and chin and facial contours can be created.

Why is Jawline Filling Performed?

Individuals who do not need surgical intervention such as prosthesis, fat injection despite deformities in the jaw, or who do not prefer surgical intervention if necessary, may prefer it.

The desire for a slimmer V image in women, the desire for more masculine wide facial features in men and the sharp appearance on the jaw line are achieved.

Our Holistic Approach

How many tubes of filler are used in jawline filler application?

The number of tubes is determined according to the need and varies from person to person. Filling application is planned individually. It is aimed to achieve a softer chin appearance by filling the hollow areas on the chin and balancing the points that are too prominent.

Dermal fillers with high viscosity are used to shape the lower part of the face in filling procedures. There are many chin filler materials available. When choosing a product, attention should be paid to the approval of the Turkish Ministry of Health and FDA.

Filling procedures are performed with hyaluronic acid, fat cells, bovine collagen, CA hydroxy apatite and similar substances.

When performing chin filling application, numbing with local anesthesia cream is sufficient.