Laser Hair Removal

Armpit - Genital Area Laser Hair Removal

The goal of laser hair removal is to disrupt the function of the stem cells responsible for hair production. The pigment called melanin is found in the structure of the hair and since it is black in color, it causes the laser beam to be absorbed and the sudden and high heat energy damages the stem cells that provide hair formation. Dark hairs, i.e. hairs that contain more melanin pigment, are more affected by epilation, while yellow and white hairs are almost ineffective.

Unwanted hair on the body is an aesthetic problem that causes discomfort for both men and women.

Excessive hair growth can be caused by genetic, hormonal or certain medications. Although they offer practical solutions to get rid of unwanted hair, they cannot offer a permanent solution with wax, razor, rope, tweezers and chemical depilatories.

Types of Laser Hair Removal

– There are 3 types of laser types used for hair removal. It is very important to choose the right laser for laser epilation. Which laser method is suitable for the person should be decided by the physician by evaluating the skin and its structure before the application. Again, the follow-up and process is managed by the physician. With proper evaluation and follow-up, the expected success rate of epilation increases.

– Our clinic has Diode Laser Hair Removal, Cynoshure Elite (Alexandrite, Nd yag head), Fotona Starwalker (Qswiched Nd yag), Fotona Dynamis (Nd yag) hair removal systems.

– Each system has the capability to identify and monitor its own spheres of influence correctly and to bring them to a conclusion in the right time and in the healthiest way.

Diode Laser Hair Removal

The diode laser has a wavelength of 810 nm. This wavelength goes deeper into the skin than the Alexandrite laser. It is more effective in areas with deep hair because it goes deeper into the skin. As an advantage of going deeper, Diode laser appears as a laser treatment management used to reduce the hair of people with dark skin color. Since the wavelength of Diode laser is longer than other laser methods, effective results are obtained even on dark skin, which vary according to the duration of treatment.

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

It is the most widely known and used method on the market. Alexandrite laser, which is a practical and effective method, can only be used on light skin types and dark hairs due to its technical features. The fact that the hairs fall off the surface immediately after the treatment increases post-application satisfaction and therefore demand.

Applying this laser on dark-skinned people increases the risk of burns. The use of Alexandrite laser in areas such as the face and neck may lead to an increase in fine hair. Its use in these areas should not be preferred even if the skin color is light.

The Alexandrite laser is well retained by melanin. Therefore, it can only be used on fair skin types. This laser system works very well for the right people. However, in risky areas such as the face, it can cause hair growth by stimulating inactive hairs. The effectiveness of this laser in the back, shoulder and arm areas is low.

Nd Yag Laser Hair Removal

It is a system developed for very dark skin types.
It is mostly used on the face, back and arm areas. Since it is a painful method, it is usually used in combination laser hair removal packages.

QSwiched NdYag Laser

It has a wavelength of 1064 nm and is used for hair bleaching. Since it does not affect the root of the hair, it takes longer to reduce the hair follicles, but it is the most risk-free and comfortable system for the face area.

The most common question our patients ask is what is the best laser system?
There is no such thing as the best laser system. The personalized use of all of them ensures good results.