Laser Hair Treatment

Non-Surgical Hair Treatments

Hair Laser is a treatment method that stops hair loss by strengthening weak hair follicles and helps new hair growth. The hair laser thickens your thinning hair, focusing on the hair follicles and revitalizing and hardening your near-dead hair follicles.

It makes your hair more vibrant, healthier and grows faster.

How do we do it?

The patient receives a treatment protocol once a week for 25-30 minutes in a comfortable environment. Cosmetic laser application is suitable for both men and women and has no side effects.

No needles are used during this treatment. It has been observed that when Hair Laser Treatment, which is painless and painless, is applied together with RRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and Mesotherapy, the success of the treatment increases.

Who Can Have Hair Laser Treatment?

Hair laser treatment can be applied to all women and men with thinning and loss of hair. After the doctor’s consultation, the treatment protocol to be followed is organized.

When will I get results after the application?

3 of treatment. Positive results of the treatment administered as of week 8 are observed. – 10. It starts to give results between weeks.

Treatment Protocol: 10 sessions 1 time per week for 25-30 minutes is recommended.

Our Holistic Approach

Mechanism of Action: FDA Approved Hair Laser Therapy acts on the mitochondria at the cell level with cold laser technology; accelerates intracellular respiration, activates ATP synthesis, nourishes hair follicles by increasing blood supply and oxygenation.

It triggers collagen synthesis, activates platelets and increases growth factor synthesis. It supports cell regeneration by suppressing the oxidative stress released in this cycle of cells.