Moisture Therapy

Mesotherapy Application

Dry skin is a condition that disrupts the dynamism of the face and makes it look pale and tired.

It can be caused by factors such as genetics, age progression, environmental, medication, make-up products.

In this way, we call the application we make to meet the moisture needs of the worn skin moisture therapy.

How is Moisture Therapy Applied?

When we look at the steps of moisture therapy;

Skin care With skin care, the skin is cleansed of dead skin, cleaned and allowed to breathe. Support is provided with a number of moisture products.

With mesotherapy, products with superficial moisturizing or deeper regenerative intensive content are injected according to the needs of the skin.

Oral collagen and vitamin supplements: With oral collagen and vitamin supplements, skin quality is supported and hydration is increased from a holistic perspective.

How often should moisture therapy be performed?

Medical aesthetics is the companionship between the physician and the patient.

Depending on your personal parameters, it is planned together with your physician in the form of small maintenance periods ranging from 6 months to 1 year on average.