Nasolabial Filler

Filling Applications

Nasolabial filling is also called the sadness line. It is the application area of the area extending from the two sides of the nose to the two sides of the mouth and giving the person a tired expression.

How Is Nasolabial Filler Done and How Many Sessions Are Required?

Nasolabial Filling is realized by using hyloronic acid-containing fillers at the rate required by the person. Although a single session is sufficient, the number of sessions varies depending on the person’s loss. In very intense losses, two or three sessions may be required for patients who do not want facial surgery.

Things to Consider After Nasolabial Filler

There may be slight edema in the application area on the first day after the application. The pinkness that occurs after the application improves within an average of two hours.

You can take a shower with warm water 2 hours after application.

Massage etc. on the application area after the application. situations should not be made.

You should not sleep on the area on the first day.

Drinking plenty of water will help.

The person should also avoid steam, extremely hot water, the sea and hot activities such as spas, saunas and hammams for ten days.