Nose Tip Lift

The nose plays a role in making the face look more effective and more beautiful. At the same time, rhinoplasty studies are utilized for a better smile. Nose tip lifting procedures are especially demanded by people with arched or low nose tip. Nasal tip lift can be performed with local or general anesthesia procedures.

Nasal tip lift aesthetics is applied with closed technique. The physician performs the necessary controls before the nose tip lift operation. Subsequently, he works on rhinoplasty and shares the most ideal nose images with the patient. After this sharing, nose tip lifting procedures are started according to the patient’s decision.

Why is Nose Tip Lift Aesthetics Performed?

Nose tip lift aesthetics is an ideal application for those who want to have a more aesthetic appearance. After the application made by the patient, the nasal tip lift operation is performed by making an evaluation.

Recovery Process After Aesthetics

After the nose tip lift operation, the patient is usually discharged on the same day. The patient can return to normal life within a day or two. If the medicines prescribed by the physician are used and attention is paid to certain conditions, there are no problems. Despite all these, it is recommended to contact the physician immediately in case of problems that may occur.