Paris Suspension

Non-Surgical Face Lift Procedures

Paris suspension is a non-surgical surgical procedure. It allows the face to regain the loss of elasticity that the face has lost over time or in special situations or that has just begun.

Paris suspension is also a good solution for people who do not want to have surgery or whose health condition does not allow it (anesthesia time or chronic conditions such as diabetes).

It allows the face, jowl and eyebrow to lift up. Its permanence is longer than other hangers.

The most important feature of this procedure is to have it done by a specialized and experienced doctor who knows the points of the facial muscles well. The most important feature is that it recovers quickly and does not leave any scars or incisions on the face.

With the Paris suspension, the oval contours of the face are defined, the cheekbone is revealed and low eyebrows are raised. There is no loss of gestures and facial expressions after Paris suspension.

It happens locally.

Before the procedure, the specialist doctor determines where the ropes will pass.

The application time is approximately one hour.

It can be removed or reconstructed at any time.

After the Paris suspension;

The person should not make grand gestures and should be listened to.

You should not sleep on your face for an average of one week after the procedure.

Face washing should be done with tiny movements.

Hot environments should be avoided. (Turkish bath sauna solarium etc.)

What are the prices for Paris Hanging?

Due to the technique used, the operation fee varies for each individual. You can contact our experts by phone or by calling +90 542 144 42 47
You can have a free preliminary meeting.