Re Growth (For Active Spillage)

Non-Surgical Hair Treatment

RE GROWTH is a one-month treatment process for all our patients, whether male or female, who have not lost their hair but have symptoms of thinning hair.

RE GROWTH can be applied after laboratory tests to strengthen hair regardless of the cause.

How do we do it?

During the RE GROWTH procedure, cells called platelets in the blood taken from the patient are filtered and given to the scalp. Platelet cells contain cytokines and tissue regenerating biological chemicals. Since these regenerating biological materials are composed of the person’s own cells, the procedure has no side effects. Platelets, also known as healer cells, also revitalize hair follicles and accelerate their activities.

During the procedure, which takes only 10 minutes and does not require any preliminary preparation, a small amount of liquid is applied to the scalp with a hair-thin syringe. In this method, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, capillary circulation accelerator drugs and organic materials that nourish the epithelial tissue as well as rich liquids used to rejuvenate the skin are injected into the skin.

Thanks to this application, hair follicles are both nourished and the tissue to which the follicles are attached is repaired.

Our Holistic Approach

Also with laser comb treatment applied in each session;

  • Regrowth of hair by revitalizing the scalp,
  • Increased thickening of the hair,
  • Increased hair count,
  • Reduction in hair loss,
  • Strengthen, improve and thicken your existing hair,
  • Improve the condition, quality and overall cosmetic appearance of the hair,
  • An increase in the growth of newly transplanted hair follicles was observed.