Regena Cell Therapy (Non-Surgical Hair Treatment)

Studies that have made great progress in Tissue Engineering since 2016 have shown that multipotent mesenchymal stem cells are present in human adipose tissue as well as bone marrow.

Adipose tissue has become a major source of stem cell research because it is easily accessible, widely available in the human body and can be obtained with an easier technique than bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells.

How do we do it?

This group of multipotent repair cells in adipose tissue is called the vascular stromal fraction (VSF). In addition to mesenchymal stem cells, VSF also includes vascular precursor cells, mature vascular cells, vascular smooth muscle cells, fibroblasts and macrophages. These multipotent cells promote the formation and maintenance of new blood vessels by promoting increased levels of growth factors, which have different roles and effects.

When these stem cells are applied to the tissue, they secrete growth factors, cytokines, extracellular matrix proteins, hormones and lipid mediators. Especially VEGF, hepatocyte growth factor, has a growth stimulating effect especially on hair follicles by increasing new vessel formation and wound healing. For this reason, REGENA is also effective in accelerating the anagen phase in the hair follicle and prolonging the life of existing cells by preventing apoptosis.

Autologous and recombinant suspensions rich in growth factors administered into the body have been shown to rapidly heal damaged tissue and have a proliferative and growth-enhancing effect on hair follicle cells.

Our Holistic Approach

Regena is a treatment method applied to patients with hair loss and thinning hair. After the application; It is a treatment that has been observed that hair loss stops, the shed hair grows again and the new hair that grows is healthier, more vibrant and shiny than before.

In this treatment, fat cells taken from the patient’s own body are enriched with mesenchymal cells and applied to the scalp.

We use REGENA application in the following appropriate patient profiles.

  • Hair Transplant Patients one week before the operation;
  • Hair Transplant Patients on average 1 year after the operation;
  • People with Early Stage Hair Loss Problems;
  • The efficacy value is high in the vertex area where circulation is less than in other hairy areas.

We recommend REGENA application to be performed once a year in patients who are in the early stage of the hair loss problem.