Skin whitening is the process of reducing the concentration of a pigment called “melanin” in order to lighten the color of the skin. Various chemical substances are used for this purpose. However, these chemicals must be applied with the correct dose and method, otherwise they may cause unwanted effects on the skin. Skin whitening aims to lighten the skin color, especially in darkened areas. This process helps to even out skin tone and achieve a healthier, smoother and brighter complexion.

Skin Whitening Methods

There are different methods for skin whitening. The decision on which method to use should be made after an examination by a specialist. Home creams and natural mixtures can also be preferred for skin whitening. However, the effect of such applications may be limited and long-term use may be required to achieve results. In addition, home treatments can increase the risk of skin irritation and permanent damage. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you seek the support of a specialist for skin whitening. Here are some skin whitening methods used:

Medical Cream Applications: Medical creams can be preferred for mild spotting and darkening. It can be used with doctor’s advice for newly formed spots. These creams include sun protection along with regular use and skin care. As a result of these applications, the color of the spots may lighten and darkening may decrease. However, long-term and regular use may be required for the effect.

Medical Care Practices: Chemical peeling and medical skin care procedures can also be used for skin whitening. Chemical peeling should be done carefully because incorrect applications can lead to skin burns and permanent blemishes. In chemical peeling, the top layer of the skin is peeled off and a new layer comes from underneath. After this treatment, the skin becomes dry and sloughs off, followed by the appearance of a new layer of skin. Medical care treatments may be effective for mild darkening.

Skin Whitening with Natural Methods: Skin whitening with natural methods can also be preferred, but the degree of effectiveness is lower compared to medical methods. Natural methods usually aim to whiten the skin with the acids they contain. However, long-term and continuous applications may be required to achieve results. Such applications can sometimes cause allergic reactions.