Smile Aesthetics

Our teeth, which help us to eat and chew, also help us to communicate healthily by providing our speech structure and human relations. Especially smile aesthetics is very important for our social environment. The most visual gesture that affects self-confidence in social life is our smile. In daily life, a warm smile is one of the factors that make us stand out while talking to the people around us. This natural and beautiful smile design, also known as smile aesthetics, is a type of aesthetic dentistry practice.

What is Smile Aesthetics? What does it do?

Although the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to oral and dental care is bad breath, tooth and gum diseases, smile aesthetics has also become very important over time.

What is smile aesthetics? It is the process of restoring a more natural and beautiful appearance by correcting the appearance caused by the deterioration of the aesthetic appearance of the mouth due to various reasons. Thanks to smile aesthetics, the person’s self-confidence is restored.

How to Make Smile Aesthetics

In smile design, the patient’s expectations are first learned and a road map is drawn accordingly. Problems are then visualized with measurements taken from the mouth. Appropriate solutions to these problems are presented. A design is created in accordance with the patient’s face shape and expectations by means of special programs in the computer environment. With the design created, it is displayed approximately how the patient will look after the treatment. After the planning here is completed, if the patient does not require orthodontic treatment, the level disturbance that occurs during the smile is regulated in order to eliminate the appearance of the gums.

If the patient has any tooth deficiency, implant procedure and necessary surgical procedures are applied. After these procedures, a period of time is waited for the patient to recover and then the patient is called back and teeth whitening is applied. After this stage is completed, the deformations of the teeth are removed to achieve a beautiful smile aesthetic. If necessary, visualization is created with porcelain laminates and veneers. While teeth and gums are corrected, sometimes medical aesthetic application is also needed for smile aesthetics. With procedures such as dermal fillers applied to the lips and face area, the smile is thus emphasized.

Personalized Smile Types

There are smile types preferred in smile aesthetics. The most commonly used of these are as follows:

Attractive Aesthetic Smile

In order to provide this aesthetic smile, the specialist emphasizes the front teeth more. Thus, you can have a younger and more attractive smile.

Intellectual Smile

The specialist brings the teeth to the same level on average. This way you can look more mature. It is a smile structure preferred by the middle-aged and older age group.

Sporty Smile

In order to achieve this smile, the middle incisors are made slightly longer than the side teeth by the specialist.

Dental Procedures for a Beautiful Smile

In order to achieve an aesthetic smile, the teeth must be complete and white. In addition, the gums should look clean and the teeth should not be crooked. If there are such problems, the following methods can be applied, since the teeth and gums will be the primary issue to be resolved.

  • The alignment and color of the teeth
  • If the teeth are deformed, necessary procedures are applied to eliminate this problem
  • If there are missing teeth, they are removed
  • After the tooth problem is eliminated, it is examined whether there is a gum problem
  • Teeth are designed according to the face shape
  • If necessary, the physiology of the cheek, chin, nose and lips is recovered with appropriate examinations and a more aesthetic smile is obtained.

Actions to be taken for the above applications;

  • Tooth whitening
  • Porcelain or composite laminate
  • Implant application
  • Tooth cleaning
  • Coating
  • Orthodonic treatments
  • Carious tooth treatment
  • Gum treatment