The Soprano Ice laser is a hair removal technology that provides effective results. It offers a painless and painless hair removal experience by combining the power of the diode laser with the ice head. The ice head, which comes into contact with the skin surface, targets the hair follicles under the skin with 810 nm waves, while cooling the skin to -3 degrees, almost eliminating the feeling of pain. This reduces the risk of burns and provides a cool massage sensation. Soprano Ice laser is preferred for the permanent solution of unwanted hair. It can offer effective results on thin, light-colored and dark-skinned areas. Treatments can be completed in 4-6 sessions on average and are suitable for different skin types. It offers a painless epilation experience in body parts such as legs, arms, face, chest, armpit, bikini area. Thanks to its patented technology, the Soprano device works by splitting the energy and offers the advantage of firing more shots with less energy.

Here are the highlights of the Soprano Ice laser:

Moving Head Technology: Soprano Ice has a movable laser head. In this way, it can be applied by sliding it over the skin, so that the process is carried out more quickly and homogeneously.

ICE Technology: The cooling system of the device continuously cools the skin and increases the comfort of the skin during the procedure. This minimizes pain and discomfort.

Suitable for Different Skin Types: The Soprano Ice laser is suitable for people with different skin types and colors. It can generally provide a wider range of effective results compared to other laser systems.

Reduced Risk of Side Effects: The cooling system and the design of the treatment head make the skin less sensitive to side effects. This can reduce the risk of skin irritation.

Permanent Results:
Soprano Ice laser hair removal treatment may often require more than one session, but when applied properly, it may be possible to achieve permanent results.