Spot Mesotherapy

Spot Treatment with Mesotherapy

What is Spot Mesotherapy and How Is It Performed?

Mesotherapy is a treatment method applied by injecting spot lightening and antioxidant effective substances under the skin with fine needles.

Since it is done by injection, it is a painful procedure, so anesthetic cream is applied first.

It is important to consolidate and heal the skin tissue to prevent recurrence of the stain.

For this purpose, special mesotherapy products containing vitamins, amino acids and hyaluronic acid are also applied as follow-up treatment.

Generally, it should be planned individually, not alone, but in combination with systems such as Fotona Starwalker, Fotona Dynamis, Dermapen, Chemical Peeling, IPL according to factors such as the size and duration of the stain.

What are the prices for Spot Mesotherapy 2022?

The operation fee varies for each individual. You can contact our experts by phone or by calling +90 542 144 42 47
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