Under Eye Light Filler

Filling Applications

Under-eye light filling application is a filling application applied to the area between the under-eye and cheek and is the only effective procedure for the removal of tired and color tone difference circles and lines under the eyes.

The most important feature of under-eye light filling is that it contains hyloronic acid as well as minerals, vitamins and antioxidant materials that are missing in the body structure at the same time.

How do we do it?

How Is Under Eye Light Filling Performed and How Many Sessions Are Required?

Unlike other fillers, under-eye light filling application is performed on the bone, not under the skin.

Therefore, it is important to do it in expert hands.

Depending on the skin loss of the person, there will be at least one session, or depending on the losses, at least two or three applications may be required once a month.

After that, it is sufficient to repeat once a year.

After Operation

Things to Consider After Under Eye Light Filling

There may be slight edema in the application area on the first day after the application. The pinkness that occurs after the application improves within an average of two hours.

You can take a shower with warm water 24 hours after application.

Massage etc. on the application area after the application. situations should not be made.

You should not sleep on the area on the first day.

Drinking plenty of water will help.

The person should also avoid steam, extremely hot water, the sea and hot activities such as spas, saunas and hammams for ten days.

Make-up and acidic products should not be used after application.