The difference between FUE hair transplantation and DHI has long been one of the issues that people who want to have a hair transplant are curious about at the point of decision-making. Normally, the FUE technique is a very well-known hair transplantation technique. However, DHI hair transplantation method is among the new generation methods. It is precisely at this point that candidates experience indecision. Which operation will be applied to the person is decided after the necessary examinations and examinations. For people with intense hair loss, the FUE technique is more suitable even if the patient requests DHI, as more hair grafts need to be harvested. For a better understanding of all these techniques, it is necessary to examine in detail how both methods work.

What is the FUE Hair Transplant Method?

Before addressing the difference between FUE hair transplantation and DHI, the FUE technique should be analyzed. FUE is a method that yields efficient results when applied by a specialized team. In this method, both the grafts are collected and the collected grafts are applied to the hair follicles.

First, the patient’s hair is cut very short. The patient’s donor area is then numbed with local anesthesia. Hair grafts are collected with the help of a special extraction tool. All collected roots are kept in a special liquid and the patient’s area to be transplanted is numbed and the transplantation process is started. With the help of the blade, hair channels are opened. With the help of needles called punch, hair follicles are transplanted into the opened channels.

What is the DHI Hair Transplant Method?

DHI hair transplantation method, in other words, means direct hair transplantation. This method is performed completely differently from the FUE technique. In the DHI technique, there is no need to shave the area to be transplanted. The difference between FUE hair transplantation and DHI can be explained as unshaven hair transplantation. However, the hair graft collection technique is performed in the same way as the FUE hair transplantation method.

The main difference between this method and the FUE method is the use of a special pen called Choi Implanter during hair transplantation. In general, women who experience hair loss demand the DHI method more because it is transplanted without shaving.

Differences Between FUE and DHI Hair Transplant

After learning about the FUE technique and DHI method in general terms, the difference between FUE hair transplantation and DHI is as follows:

  • The application methods of FUE hair transplantation and DHI hair transplantation are different from each other.
  • In the FUE technique, between 3000 and 4500 grafts are harvested in a single session, while in the DHI technique this figure is between 1500-2500.
  • The patient’s recovery time is shorter with the DHI technique than with the FUE technique.
  • In the FUE technique, a larger area is targeted and in the DHI method, a more dense area is targeted.
  • In the FUE technique, the entire hair has to be shaved, while in the DHI method, only the area to be transplanted is shaved.
  • While FUE hair transplantation takes approximately 6-8 hours, it takes longer in DHI technique.

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