Botox blocks the release of substances that provide conduction at the nerve endings, temporarily blocking this transmission from the nerve to the target organ. As a result, the function of the target organ is either reduced or completely temporarily lost. This means that muscle contraction is prevented in the area where Botox is applied and the muscle that wrinkles the skin is temporarily deactivated.

In order to observe the best results in properly applied and satisfied treatment methods, the head should not be tilted forward for at least 4 hours and the area where Botox is applied should not be massaged. However, it would be the right behavior to actively move the area where botox is applied.

Of course, botox does not always give the desired result. Patients may often be dissatisfied with this situation, especially as a result of botox performed incorrectly and by people who are not experts in their field. Subsequently, when the botox procedure is not as desired and regretted, people want to reduce or completely eliminate this effect. However, it is impossible to eliminate the effect of Botox after it is applied. There is no special drug that reduces the effect of Botox, nor is there anything that removes its effect. In the filling method, there is an enzyme that dissolves the filling. But Botox does not contain this enzyme. For the effect to decrease or disappear completely, it should be waited for the duration of the effect of Botox. This is on average between 4-6 months. Under the supervision of a doctor, treatment methods are available to reduce or shorten the duration.

In Which Situations Is Botox Application Unsatisfactory?

It is a mistake to overdose and expect a longer lasting effect. You will probably not be satisfied with the application as you may end up with a confused expression or a puffy face. Each individual’s facial anatomy and facial muscle density are different from each other. For this reason, the same dose of botox cannot be applied for each individual. Under- or overdosing may result in undesirable consequences. As a result, this method should not be tried by people who are not authorized to apply botox.

Which Areas Is Botox Applied In Wrinkle Treatment?

  • Facial Botox application
  • Forehead botox application
  • Botox application between eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet botox application
  • Botox application on the upper lip
  • “Gummy Smile” botox application
  • Botox application on the lip margin
  • Botox application on the nose
  • Chin Botox
  • Neck and décolleté botox
  • Sweating Botox

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