What is Facial Mesotherapy and How Is It Performed?

What is Facial Mesotherapy and How Is It Performed?

Mesolifting, also known as Facial Mesotherapy, is the process of replacing vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are missing in the skin during the aging process. It is a highly effective anti-aging and preventive treatment.

Direct application of various minerals, vitamins and amino acids with anti-aging properties directly to the problematic area in the form of mesotherapy; It increases the effectiveness of the drugs in the required areas and prevents fatigue of other organs.

Stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin; provides rejuvenation, tightening and shine. It is a natural and beneficial method that renews the skin and is effective against skin wrinkles and sagging skin.

It is performed for elasticity, skin tone lightening, skin tightening and recovery, bruising around the eyes, skin rejuvenation and renewal. It is injected into the application area with micro injections.

What are mesolifting prices in 2022?

Depending on the condition of the person, the operation fee varies for each individual. You can contact our experts by phone or by calling +90 542 144 42 47
You can have a free preliminary meeting. The treatment is individualized.